About us

Maria and AlexanderWe are frequent travellers and Belle-ile-en-Mer is our home port. Our common history has begun on the island in 1995. Old family discovery of forty years, the island has won a special place in our hearts. We exchanged our ‘yes’ in Bangor and we now passed the virus to our four children.
We love this place which resources us, gives us a bit of its energy, makes us dream. Yet this rough diamond is not easy to access.

Some say it should be deserved. One must first take the boat (which should carefully be booked in advance in case of car passing), withstand sea swell and strong winds on high tide days, accept that everything cannot come to the island. In short the island gives us the opportunity to take time to reevaluate our place in the world.

In our fast paced lives, it is a chance given to us. We are happy to share this place with you and wish you all the fun we had discovering or rediscovering the island.

Celine and Alexander

Thanks to my brother Sylvain for the beautiful pictures of the island.